About us

Yash Gaur Secretary

Welcome to “AAS Sanstha” an NGO committed to create positive social change and empowering communities. Our organization was found

with a vision to address various social challenges and bring about sustainable development through collective efforts and innovative solutions. “AAS Sanstha” embodies the spirit of proactive action and service to humanity.
“AAS SANSTHA” is handled by various professionals who have Vaste experience of serving the society in vivid fields. The president of this NGO (AAS SANSTHA ) SARIKA GAUR is haveing more than 25 years of teaching experience.

The secretary of (AAS SANSTHA) Yash Gaur is a management professional and apart from this, holding prestigious place in the field of cricket, music, electrification works and resort operations.

The vice president of this NGO (AAS SANSTHA) MISS KRISHNA GAUR is having more than 45 years of experience in dealing and providing treatment to special children.